carlton bright


Mountain View 6,  Arles-sur-Tech

Artists from Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are now participating in the lighting intervention Repurpose.  All of the interventions will be along 12th Avenue in local restaurants, sidewalks and buttress walls underneath the viaduct.

The Riverside Drive Viaduct, also known as the 12th Avenue viaduct, was built in 1900 by the City of New York, is a viaduct constructed to connect an important system of drives in Northern Manhattan, a high-level boulevard extension of Riverside Drive over the barrier of Manhattanville Valley to the former Boulevard Lafayette in West Harlem. This May also marks the 200th anniversary of 125th Street.


NYC artists include: Cynthia Beth Rudin, D. Carlton Bright, Dianne Smith, Erik Sanner and Peter Regina

Restaurant Partners include: Cotton Club, Dinosaur Bar-b-que, Covo Trattoria, 9A Restaurant

Organizational partners include: Center for Holographic Arts, Harlem Biospace, Sweet Spot Festival, West Harlem Food & Beverage Association



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