The West Harlem Art Fund has planned a very special garden for our 2020 season on Governors Island. This botanical installation honors the voices of people of color and their reactions to the Covid pandemic.

We are so excited to present Memory Opus I

The colors chosen for this garden installation come from West African flags. The modern nations that represent these colors are: Cape Verde, Benin, Togo, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Guinea, Mali and Liberia. The meanings of these colors are listed below:

Yellow – land, sun
Green – land
Red – blood, revolution, effort
Blue – river, ocean, sky
White – peace, justice
Black – emancipation
Orange – land, minerals

Northeast native plants were specifically selected for the garden (Oakleaf hydrangea, Bee Balm, Butterfly Weed, Coreopsis) and were blended with green shrubs.

This botanical curation spotlights both African and American culture and includes sculpture work by Conrad Levenson and sound from Nadia DeLane

The public can now come and enjoy the garden through November 1, 2020.