The West Harlem Art Fund is curating design elements for our exhibition space NP/10 on Governors Island. This includes home decor, food & beverage. Our 1st design partnership is with Coterie Brooklyn. And we have selected the pillow designs Linstead and Ava, Navy for our 2020 exhibition show.


An intimate group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose.

At Coterie, simplicity, design and quality come together in a thoughtful collection of unique soft goods. We select brands and artists, whose products enhance spaces, personal collections and experiences. For beautiful, high quality soft furnishings and decor, all roads lead to Brooklyn!

West Harlem Art Fund will also partner with Serengeti Teas and Coffees with our Sunday morning Coffee Sips on Governors Island later in the season. We will share Ethiopian coffee with our visitors at the exhibition space.

Askia Premium Blend With Whole Roasted Cardamom Pods.
This Fair Trade and Organic coffee is one of our most popular selections. To bring out some of the more delicate flavor characteristics we have roasted this bean to a medium to dark roast while still retaining the soft, fruity aroma. The subtle fruity taste is enhanced by the darker roast, accompanied by moderate acidity and a balanced body.

West Harlem Art Fund would like the public to consider wines from East and South Africa. It’s a growing industry that’s cultivating some superb wines. Here are some notable picks — Delaire Graff Estate – South Africa, Leleshwa Wines – Kenya, Rift Valley Winery – Kenya, Dodoma Wines – Tanzania and Charlevale Wines – Zimbabwe.