2021 Artists

Exhibition Artists

Sagarika Sundaram (b. Kolkata) creates felted textiles and objects that investigate the materiality of wool and its relationship to human biology and psyche. By estranging what is familiar, she creates work that possesses its own unique life. Her work has been exhibited at Frieze New York with Jhaveri Contemporary (2021), Nature Morte (Delhi, 2021), Mana Contemporary (NJ, 2020), Mexico City Art Week (2020). In 2021 Sundaram won a South Asian Arts Resiliency Fund grant and was a finalist for the UC Berkeley South Asia Art Prize. In 2020 she was awarded a Tishman Award for Excellence in Climate, Environmental Justice & Sustainability and a Michael Kalil Endowment for Smart Design. She has an MFA in Textiles from Parsons School of Design, NY, and studied visual communication at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She also studied at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Sundaram is based between New York and Bangalore.

Yi Hsuan Sung is a textile designer who recently earned her MFA in Textiles from Parsons School of Design in 2020. As a curious maker who loves to integrate handcraft and technology to create biodegradable textiles, and who enjoys discovering the littlest surprises from the natural world, she has been cooking, knitting, weaving, braiding and gardening a glorious world of flowers from agar and food waste. Her inspiration derives from a respect to natural materials and the love of organic colors and textures. Yi Hsuan focuses on making floral pendent lamps with agar. She creates textile lamp shade base by knitting with handmade agar yarn, and decorates the knitted bases with agar flowers cast from 3D printed molds she designed. Yi Hsuan’s goal is to bring nature’s beauty into interior spaces with a more sustainable material and fabrication process.

Yalan Wen is a visual artist based in New York City who works on computational images, new media installations, and motion graphics. Born and raised in Taiwan, she developed her curiosity about art and science by observing nature. Her work explores the subtle events that happen beyond the surface, finding the balance between simplicity and subtle philosophical interpretations. Graphic design is the foundation of her visual language, which she continued to develop in the MFA Computer Arts program at the School of Visual Arts. Her most recent artworks incorporate creative programming, experimental music composition, visual graphics, and paintings.

Multimedia artist Valérie Hallier came to the US with a Fulbright Scholarship from her native Paris, France. She later graduated from the School of Visual Arts (Computer Arts). Through visualizing sounds such as screaming or serializing autobiographical data such as her own reproductive history, Hallier’s work redefines portraiture in the forms of mixed-media series, immersive installations and interactive public art. Her work challenges the patriarchal segregation created between the natural, the human and the technological realms despite their inherent fusion. Hallier current explorations with flower petals extends to gender roles and the notion of deflowering, as in French, losing one’s freshness.

Kraig Blue was born in 1968 in The Bronx, New York, politicized in Washington, DC, and liberated in Los Angeles, CA. He is a multimedia sculptor using found materials as metaphors to explore complex socially constructed ideologies and paradigms; creating multilayered sculptural assemblages as altars to become vehicles for quiet contemplation and dialogue.

After graduating Mount Saint Michael Academy, at sixteen years old, he attended New York Institute of Technology as an architecture major, but soon realized his true freedom existed in image making; he took a year off and applied to Fashion Institute of Technology, and in 1989 was accepted as an illustration major. At “FIT” he was able to learn portraiture, figure drawing and painting, oils, acrylics, watercolor, graphic design, and a commercially driven work ethic.

For twenty-five years he has been a published illustrator, arts educator, and exhibiting visual artist. In 2015 he received his BFA at the Laguna College of Art & Design in figurative sculpture, painting, and drawing. While there he received the Plotkin Award for Excellence in Fine Art.

In December 2019 he received his MFA in Studio Art from The City College of New York. He has been the recipient of two Conner Scholarship awards and in 2018 the Therese McCabe Ralston Conner Fellowship to study abroad throughout Cuba.

Currently he is working at the Brooklyn Museum with their criminal justice diversion program Project Reset.

Jannette Jwahir Hawkins is an artist who lives and works in Harlem, New York City. Sensitive to multilayered visual rhythms, Jwahir’s work relies on a gestalt of compositions using trees, text and textiles to express movement and stillness as one. An award-winning alumni of the City College of New York with a MFA in Studio Art, Jwahir recently completed a post-graduate Studio Art residency at City College with advanced studies in Community Engaged Art (Art Education), in addition to facilitating T Art (Talking Art) Salon, a student intellectual discussion group. An artist- educator with the Whitney Museum of American Art (until the pandemic), Jwahir is a lifelong devotee of indigenous music and dance, an arts consultant for a long-running creative music series, and an Artist-in-Residence with the West Harlem Art Fund.

Dario Mohr is a painter, assemblage and installation artist. He is a Brooklyn, NY based artist born in 1988.  Mohr combines nostalgic personal objects of varying heights with found materials to form shrines. These occupy the space in varying ways, leaning against walls, hanging from the ceiling, and existing as free standing sculptures with an architectural aesthetic.  They also contain altars with organic offerings, symbolically designating them as devotional objects. Although created from a personal vantage point, the work functions publicly to open the audience’s perspective to ways they can reimagine nostalgic objects as symbols for memories, people, and experiences that can take on a spirituality of their own when revered in a way that is decontextualized from religion.

Sculpture Artists

Gilbert Boro is a sculptor, architect, educator and international design consultant. He was born in New York City and has been involved in the arts since his boyhood. He has had a distinguished career, spanning more than fifty years.

His sculpture is concerned with the interplay of space, place and scale.  He uses various materials, including steel, stone, aluminum, and wood.  He believes the challenge and joys of creation are equally related to visualization and execution.  What art should do is help us regain the creativity we all had as children.

Boro is an active member of the New England Sculptor’s Association, The New York Sculptor’s Guild, Elected Member of Mystic Museum of Art, Silvermine Guild of Artists, and the International Sculpture Center.

Michele Brody was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1967, Michele Brody received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in 1989 and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1994. Utilizing her strong background in the liberal arts, she creates site-specific, mixed media installations and works of public art that are generated by the history, culture, environment, and architecture of a wide range of exhibition spaces. While living and working in such places as France, Costa Rica, California, the Midwest, Germany, and her home of New York, her art career has developed into a process of working in collaboration with each new community as a means towards developing an interpretation of the sense of a place as an outsider looking in.

Conrad Levenson salvages scrap materials and obsolete objects. He recomposes and repurposes them as as works. Levenson often combine previously unrelated elements, in new and unexpected ways, and incorporate geometric and anthropomorphic forms, often in balance and motion. The sculptures evoke the former times, places, lives, unique character and embedded energy of their sources materials. I tell their stories, as I explore and mediate the essential relationship between their form and content.

His sculptures range in size from the intimate to large-scale installations. They vary in height from several inches to fifteen feet and weigh a few ounces up to thousands of pounds. Displayed, indoors and out, often in spaces and settings of my own design, my sculptures connect people, visually and emotionally, to the natural and built environments.

Levenson’s sculptures and commissioned works are included in private collections, galleries and outdoor public art venues. I have exhibited throughout the region. with the Sculptors Guild on Governors Island; the Sculpture Expos in Red Hook, New York; the Studio 80 Sculpture Grounds, Old Lyme, Connecticut; the Red Devon, Bangall, New York; the Ice House on the Hudson, Poughkeepsie, New York; the McDaris Gallery, Hudson, New York; the Highland Falls Sculpture Walk, Highland Falls, New York; and the Meredith Sculpture Walk, Meredith, New Hampshire.

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