The West Harlem Art Fund has presented more than 100 artists in multiple disciplines (visual, dance, street art, sound, sculpture and light-based) over the past 23 years across New York City in four boroughs and numerous neighborhoods. Below is a sampling of some notable installations.

Kyu Seok Oh, 2011
Counting Sheep, Times Square









Iliana Emilia Garcia, 2013
West Chelsea, Affordable Art Fair























L.W. Antonius, Alta Berri, Linda Byrne, Thomas Callahan, Marco Castro, Robin Kang, Suprina Kenney, Jongil Ma, Tomo Mori, Anca Pedvisocar, Roberto Sandoval, Chris Smith, Dianne Smith, Nancy Steinson, 2013

Brimming on the Edge, Andrew Freeman House, Bronx, NY











Vicki DaSilva, 2014
East River Flows, Upper East Side

Repurpose, Under the 12th Avenue Viaduct, West Harlem












Shuffled Light, 2015
West Harlem, 12th Avenue
Projectionist: Kevin McKlusky, Gypsy Sun
Projection Partner: Video Corporation of America