Lawn moaning

1:48 min



After the rain drifted away and the sun comes out they come one by one, in harmony with the moans and groans from neighbors who just wanted a quiet moment.

EVA OLSSON is a Swedish artist who works with contemporary art where moving image is her major way of expression. She reconstructs familiar situations to create new insights in short animations, by working with reflections on everyday life. Eva completed her MFA degree at Norwich School of Art & Design in the UK. Her works are represented at:

– ArtFem.TV an online television programming presenting Art and Feminism.

– FemLink. The International Video-Artists Collective.

– Northern Video Art Network, NOVA a web-based platform for artists working with video, media art and experimental cinema.

She is also a member of the artist association Smålands Konstnärsförbund. Together with Jonas Nilsson, the co-founded and curate Art:screen, which is a platform for new media art. They also run Art Temple 1:85, which is an art space for contemporary arts with a focus on emerging and experimental arts on research and development practices.

The West Harlem Art Fund is grateful to have artists from Sweden participate in our lighting intervention. We hope to attract more artists from abroad.


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