Michael Abbatiello/Gabriel Barcia-Colombo/D. Carlton Bright/Dante Brown/Alon Chitayat/Eileen Cohen/Theresa Elwell/Victoria Estok/Lady K-Fever/Linda Griggs/Henry Gwiazda/Dennis Hlynsky/Dylan Kario/Nolan Lem/Jess Malcolm/Rupert Nesbitt/Jonas Nilsson/Eva Olsson/Jeff Ong/Steve Pavlovsky/Douglas Repetto/Pete Rogina/Cynthia Beth Rudin/Autumn Scoggan/Chafin Seymour/Dianne Smith/Kiki Williams

Under the Viaduct is a public art initiative spearheaded by the West Harlem Art Fund for the communities of West Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood. Communities along the Hudson River, want to enhance their open public spaces and attract artist locally, regionally and beyond. Northern Manhattan neighborhoods understand the benefits of the “arts” and that it can improve quality of life, local tourism, safety as well as bring beautification.

The success of Under the Viaduct and The H in Harlem has opened new possibilities in West Harlem and Northern Manhattan. Plans are being developed for more interventions and we wish to thank the public for being so supportive.

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