Access: Art

Interactive Light-Based Gallery @Macauley Honors College

The rapid pace of technology has opened new doors for creating 21stcentury art. White walls are crumbling and artists are beginning to taking advantage of these opportunities.  Engaging the public and offering them the choice to participate and even shape the focus and direction of art is now a reality. We are no longer watching old Jetson television shows but actually living it. Come learn about the 2015 International Year of Light by the UN and activities that will showcase these platforms around the City.

Produced by: NYC Committee for the 2015 International Year of Light

Curated by: Savona Bailey-McClain and Camille Santistevan

The Curator Savona and the West Harlem Art Fund is so honored to be recommended for  TedxCuny’s 1st talk. WHAF has always fostered access it feels great to share that philosophy with others.

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