“Big Bling” is made from scrappy materials and is totemic in feeling and style, as if created by an ancient civilization, possibly not human. It also reads animal, but nothing really specific. Horse? Trojan horse? Elephant? Giant sloth? If you stumbled across this (or lots of his other sculptures) in the middle of a forest, you would definitely get the creeps… or the urge to climb it. (Do not climb it.)







Following New York, Big Bling will travel for installation in Philadelphia by the Association for Public Art, opening in May 2017 where it will be on view for six months. This is a first-time collaboration between Madison Square Park Conservancy and the Association for Public Art. Both New York and Philadelphia already have permanent public pieces by Puryear: North Cove Pylons, 1995, at Battery Park City, New York and Pavilion in the Trees, 1993, in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.









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