This Fall, the Executive Director & Chief Curator of the West Harlem Art Fund will offer a professional development course in partnership with BMCC. For six weeks, artists, curators and arts administrators will be able to learn strategies for creating public art works in open, public spaces throughout NYC. And the organization is also working with cultural institutions around the City to help deepen a better understanding of the City, its people, cultures and landscape. Participants will have class instructions with discussions and then on Saturdays, field experiences.

‘It Must Be City’ is an opportunity for New Yorkers to affordably engage with the assets that NY has to offer. And participants will be able to have a portfolio review, develop a proposal for a potential project that could be realized on public or private property.

Expanding one’s artistic practice should be at the forefront of any established artist. But navigating the City of New York can be quite complex. This course opens that door for others to enter.













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