The art and craft of natural dyeing is a practice that yields beauty in both process and result. Every piece of naturally dyed cloth is it’s own unique creation, irreproducible. Natural dyeing is a combination of knowledge, skill, and openness to surprise. It also requires a good amount of patience, respect, and pleasure. To work with natural dyes is to embrace the unknown with joy, care, and reverence.

–Gabriel Rivera

Artist Gabriel Rivera will be offering natural dye workshops on Governors Island at The West Harlem Art Fund building situated in Nolan Park (Building 10B/NP10). The workshops will be open to the general public, no experience necessary.

During the workshops participants will learn the basic techniques, materials, and processes of natural dyeing. They will each dye and leave with an organic cotton mesh shopping bag that will be provided to them.

Alongside learning about the craft of natural dyeing Gabriel will impart the ethics, impacts, and philosophies of natural dyeing by touching upon subjects of sustainability, circularity, environmental consciousness, and material origins. The workshop will also take advantage of its location at Governors Island by getting to know the various dye plants that are being grown at Nolan Park.

The workshop is a great opportunity for NYC residents from different boroughs to gather and view the NYC environment as a shared place to care for. As we’ve become more aware of the growing strain on the environment we live in, my intention with the workshop is to not only share the pleasure of natural dyeing but also focus on the positive ecological impact we can make with our choices as citizens of this magnificent city.

Offering this workshop at Nolan Park provides a Covid-19 safe environment with the ability to work outside in the open air. All materials will be included for the workshops. Some light snacks and refreshments will be provided. Beginners level – No experience necessary.



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