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The West Harlem Art Fund has worked with French artist Patrick Singh on several occasions.  A self-taught painter, Singh has travelled the world to capturing haunting images of native people.

Born to an Indian father and a French mother, Patrick was predestined to multicultural encounters. He spent his childhood traveling between the South of France and London, England. He  is a holder of a State Diploma in Managing Leisure and Cultural Activities – French “Diplome d’Etat Relatif aux Fonctions d’Animation”.

Singh’s career has been punctuated by international exhibitions – collective and individual – along with artistic residencies throughout Europe, South America and Asia. Singh’s work is exhibited in multiple collections, including the Anne Cros Gallery located in the South of France. His visions come to life under his brush with out his using models.

The West Harlem Art Fund and Patrick developed the digital installation Westward Bound which was produced for the African Burial Ground in Lower Manhattan.

Westward Bound Digital Installation for the African Burial Ground

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