henrymooreknifeedgetwo piece
Knife Edge Two Pieces

Everything I do, I intend to make on a large scale… Size itself has its own impact, and physically we can relate more strongly to a big sculpture than to a small one.
—Henry Moore

Henry Moore, Picasso and Matisse expanded modern art in a powerful new direction with their blend of the human figure with African sculpture. These artists understood the raw emotions and spiritual nature of African art though they were never taught the actual practice.

In fact, the influence of abstract African form is so widely used that its origins are often forgotten or taken for granted. Moore further freed this influence by creating large scale works in open, public spaces. So, where do we go next with large public works …

The influences of the African Diaspora are emerging again with the use of recycled materials and through mixed media installations that include technology. Families need to repurpose materials for both functional objects and asesthetic art. And with this practice, there’s a reconnection to the environment and democratic passions over global/political issues like climate change, clean water, fracking, food politics and economic inequality.

henry moore


Images: Henry Moore

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