POP-UPdigis (1)

On Friday, January 23rd 2015, residents and fellow New Yorkers can view digital art & film at the multi-media venue MIST. This white carpet event is meant to make Harlem glow with technology. Participants would be able to join in our Google Hangout to share their thoughts and give vote on their favorite works. Spirited by the West Harlem Art Fund with guest curators and cultural groups, these pop-up experiences will support new platforms that include large outdoor projections and the merging of disciplines that can be enjoyed by all.

Pop-Up Digis is an official event with NYC Light 2015 & the International Year of Light. Funding for Pop-Up Digis was provided by the West Harlem Development Corporation.


Tickets are free and available on Eventbrite. Register  Pop-Up Digis Harlem Premiere

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