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The West Harlem Art Fund (WHAF) has officially partnered with WBAI Radio, and the two organizations intend to produce and broadcast a number of live performances & public art events throughout the NYC area. Coupled with the radio show State of the Arts NYC, hosted by Savona Bailey-McClain, Executive Director & Chief Curator of the West Harlem Art Fund, new collaborations with creative professionals across ALL five boroughs can now be forged. This also furthers the organization’s desire to realize public art districts with such agencies as the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation and the NYC Department of Transportation. According to McClain, “By forming strategic relationships with key organizations, we can better support and encourage artists to cross neighborhood and borough lines that would truly bring more diversity and energy to NYC’S art scene.

WHAF will kick off these efforts with a dinner/cocktail fundraiser on Wednesday, February 10th 2016 in Rawspace followed by a thematic event series in Harlem called FUSION in early March. The organization will also work with neighborhood bloggers, wifi networks and the entertainment industry to build audiences.

To learn more about the Benefit Celebration for the West Harlem Art Fund, please visit.

Benefit Dinner for the West Harlem Art Fund

FUSION details and announcements will be made in early January 2016.

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