The West Harlem Art Fund is celebrating 18 years of producing great public art works throughout New York City. We are asking you to support us with our first dinner benefit on Wednesday, February 10th 2016. This event in Harlem will kick off our year with art & lifestyle programs.

Our benefit will salute Old Italian Harlem with original digital artworks by Italian artist Francesco Ridolfi, videos from the Audubon Mural Project and a talk on Italian Futurism by an educator who is an expert in the history of Futurism and Italian 20th century art, courtesy of the Center for Italian Modern Art in SoHo.

As we develop public art works and interventions, we strive to showcase NYC’s varied history, cultures and urban landscape. Diversity has always been the cornerstone of our practice. The West Harlem Art Fund has presented artists of many backgrounds, disciplines and appreciations. We wish to continue our work with your help.

In 2016, we are excited to present “In Flight,” a dance work along the Hudson River that celebrates dance, jazz and opera. “All Along the Watchtower” is our 10th anniversary installation in Marcus Garvey Park with street artist Lady K Fever where we will make the park sparkle. During Armory 2016, we will present “FUSION NY”, a series of events that includes panel discussions, a concept space, receptions and art. Continuing for a third year, the West Harlem Art Fund will present our summer intervention series “Under the Viaduct” that includes lifestyle and light-based art.

WHAF is also collaborating with other organizations and individual artists in 2016 to fabricate and present works in the Lower East Side, Governor’s Island and the Bronx.

Please join us for cocktails and dinner to support art in open, public spaces. Donations are welcomed too.

All donations are tax-deductible. Click for reservation West Harlem Art Fund Benefit Celebration

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The West Harlem Art Fund

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