%22Minori=Harvest Love%222016, mixed media on canvas,24%22x36%22.

Work by Sai Morikawa


Catering by Hanamizuli Japanese Cafe

The West Harlem Art Fund in partnership with independent curator Sai Morikawa from Japan and her collective will present FUSION EAST WEST during FRIEZE Art Week in Chelsea at the UR Concept Space located within Hanamizuli Japanese Cafe.

Sai Morikawa studied at The National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts with Henry Finkelsten and also Mary Beth Mackenzie.

She earned a certificate for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts at the National Academy.

Her background in anatomical studies and visual perception is complemented by a focus on the importance of individual expression in the making of art. Her dynamic color brush strokes are influenced by the Abstract Expressionists. She paints mostly from direct observation. Draw first for painting to find a motif or something in particular for rhythm. Draw like a children, must retain complete freedom to discover the color, rhythm, space, air, music for into the canvas. Creating relationship between color and shape are very important to her.

While at the Academy, she served as an assistant for young aged students class with Hannah Frassinelli, summer art camp with Martha Bloom. Also receipted anonymous scholarships and awards from the National Academy.

From 2002 to present, Ms. Morikawa has exhibited solo shows at Jain Marunochi Gallery, NY which is her representative gallery in NY. and group shows at Hpgrp gallery, NY in 2007, 2008. She participated and organized the group show “Art for Peace” which was a traveling show from NY based artists in Bato-cho Hiroshige Museum, Nasu-Kogen Museum and Gallery Junho-do in Japan at 2002/03.

Ms. Morikawa also had experienced as a gallery assistant at Celum gallery NY 2002, the Nippon Club gallery, NY 2002-4, “NY Arts” publisher, NY 2001. Since 2007 to present she is writing and editing art article for a bilingual art magazine “COOL” published in NY.  Ms. Morikawa had interviewed with Mr. Cai Guo-Qiang, who is the visual art director of Beijing Olympic game and Ms. Eiko Ishioka, who is the costume designer for the Beijing Olympic game, also world wide famed artist Mr. Tadanori Yokoo or anonymous well-known artists or art directors.

Ms. Morikawa is working with The West Harlem Art Fund as a guest curator. The project approved by the New York City Department of Transportation in February 2010. The art work created by Japanese artist Mr. Kenjiro Kitade showed in the Jackson Heights Queens, June 2010.

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