He is primarily inspired and motivated by his experience growing up in the Caribbean, where he used to play in the darkness and look up at the surreal sky full of stars.

Yermine Richardson is a Caribbean multi-disciplinary artist creating artworks which encapsulate and honor Caribbean cultures and aesthetics. His artworks display traditional symbols and concepts relating to womanhood, spiritualism and cosmology. Yermine creates hand drawn illustrations on paper, giclée prints (fine art prints) and paintings using mixed media.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Richardson graduated in 2008 as a Designer and Illustrator from  Altos de Chavon School of Design. Noticed for his work  with bold, shiny colors and different textures, he has worked in the field as an Art Director, freelancing, and constantly working on personal projects, most recently writing and illustrating short stories.

Hear from the artist and how he has coped with the pandemic.


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