Alida Rodrigues was born in 1983, in Cabinda, Angola, and lives and works in London. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art, at The Slade School of Fine Art, University College, London, in 2007. In 2014 she had her first solo show at the Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim, in Norway and a group show at the Interchange Junctions, London, UK.

The main source of inspiration has been rooted in the changing nature of identity; associating a portrait with a longing for perfection, and searching behind the mask of the subjects. Furthermore, I am interested in the historical position of the postcards, as a relic of the colonial period. By transforming the portraits with plant elements, I interfere and disrupt the narrative of the image, and its associated histories.

Making collages using found postcards of women, children and at times couples from the 1800s. The images are then combined with botanical illustrations to become anonymous plant-like creatures, taking away the charm and delicacy of each image. I am particularly interested in exploring the hand-made by examining the relationships between the face, collage, botanical illustration, photography, and print. I believe the combination of these approaches allows for a sense of mystery.

Born in Saint-Louis, Senegal, Ibrahima Thiam lives and works in Dakar. After studies in economics, he has devoted himself to photography since attending a workshop organised as part of Mois de la Photographie [Photography Month] in Dakar in 2009. For a number of years Ibrahima Thiam amassed a collection of images based on his family’s archive and continuously developed it thanks to his subsequent discoveries. Self-taught, he developed his photography practice around the ideas of image, archive and installation.

Ibrahima Thiam has collected images since his childhood, which contributed to the development of his imagination. His work has been shown in Senegal and abroad, notably during the 10thAfrican Photography Encounters in Bamako.

His numerous works include: The Speaking Wall (2015), Yesterday’s Shots(2015), ‘Vintage’ Portaits (2014-2015), Reflections (2014), The Ravages of Time(2010), Seaside Reflections, Saint-Louis, 2010 (2010). 

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