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NYC Light 2015 chose “Shuffled Light” for projection at their Opening Ceremony Press Event in January 2015.

This was an official event of the United Nations “International Year of Light & Light-based Technologies”.  ”Shuffling” various segments from five (5) pieces shown in 2014 created the piece.  New light was also added and, of course, the ways in which the various segments and numerous layers play together with each other were all re-edited, and in many cases, re-timed.  Two types of light are featured.  First is simple reflected light (reflected once off ink drops directly into the camera). The reflected ink colors and patterns are intermingled with purely transmitted light.  That is, the light left the source and went directly into the camera where it was recorded on the sensor, hitting nothing on its journey from source to sensor. No digital manipulation has occurred on any light, so all the colors, saturation levels, etc., are directly as recorded by the camera. We are very happy to be able to bring “Shuffled Light” back to the Cotton Club as part of the “Under the Viaduct” series.  Much of the light was first projected onto the Cotton Club last year as part of the same successful series of light-based interventions.  Funding for Shuffled Light was made possible by The West Harlem Development Corp.

Projectionist: Kevin McKlusky, Gypsy Sun

Projection Partner: Video Corporation of America

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