Artist Nelson Makamo, born in 1982, is best known for his portraits of children from his native country of South Africa. He was born with a natural artistic talent that took him to Artist Proof Studios in Johannesburg to study print making. Makamo’s most distinguished exhibition to date was the 2006 Ten Years of Printmaking: David Krut Print Studio, at which his work was displayed among several well-known South African artists. Commissioned pieces, including portraits of Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo, also make up a portion of artist Nelson Makamo’s body of work. Another featured subject of his work is children, their innocence and simplicity key to his renderings.

Nelson Makamo paintings and art for sale are offered in a variety of materials, including charcoal, silk screen, and acrylic. His work can be found in personal collections held by Georgio Armani and Annie Lenox.

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