All of the women that Nemakhavhani portrays are bold and defiant—certainly not afraid to occupy a public space.

From textile, art direction, illustration and photography, Rendani Nemakhavhani has been stunning us with her sensibility and style. Her illustrations and textiles are remarkable, orginal and punch you with flavor. For years, we have witnessed her portfolio grow, featuring some spectacular art direction. The Joburg-based artist continues to inspire and innovate.

Nemakhavhani dreamt up PR$DNT HONEY about two years ago, while watching a documentary on the South African struggle activist Winnie Mandela. She saw a similarity in Mandela and her grandmother, who had recently passed, and wondered what a woman like her might look like as a presidential candidate for South Africa. Just like that, the PR$DNT HONEY campaign was born.

PR$DNT HONEY doesn’t only exist in the form of a photography series. Nemakhavhani extended her fiction into the organization of an event for Johannesburg’s creative community, where speakers could share their experiences in the industry and speak honestly together. For it, she gathered together her ideal creative “ministry,” one composed of Johannesburg-based creatives whose work she respects, including event entrepreneur Nandi Dlepu; the founder of the creative network Creative Nestlings, Dillion Phiri; and YouTuber and co-founder of Pap Culture, Nwabisa Mda. For Nemakhavhani, just because youth unemployment in the country stands only just over 50%, and just because it’s often hard to get into the creative arena, doesn’t mean one should not create space—whether imaginary or on the ground.


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