Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway is a Pan Africanist performance artist, sculptor, textile designer and a painter: Cecilia sees the African metaphysical universe as the inspiration for her paintings.

Her art largely reflects her interrogation about Womanhood, Blackness and the Divinity of the African woman! As an active participant at the Ouidah Festivals in the Republic of Benin, she engages in performance art which showcases the divinity of the African Woman!

Cecilia was born into an artistic family – Dad is an accomplished artist in his own right – and describes herself as a Cosmopolitan Artist born to a Ghanaian father and a Nigerian Mother.

Cecilia is a sought-after artist whose work is in personal collections and galleries across the globe. Cecilia’s work has been exhibited in China, Europe, Canada and America. She was educated at the YABA School of Design and Art.

Her selection to be part of Ghana’s Government’s 2018 artistic team to China cements her reputation as a global art ambassador from Africa with a universal appeal.

Painting in acrylic and oil on Newspapers, Adire and Batik fabrics, Cecilia’s use of colours reveals a deep insight into an artist who is daring and pushes the boundaries of our imagination. Cecilia’s use of Batiks and Adire motifs in her paintings reveal an intricate sense of geometry and a delicate balance to achieve a symmetry with colors. These fabrics always provides a vibrant dimension as props to her paintings.





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